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Developed exclusively using 100% extracts from natural products, which stimulate fat burning.

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  • 100% natural ingredients
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Why do we gain weight?

The main cause which we hear most often is hormonal disorders, inactive lifestyle and improper nutrition.

But the most overlooked cause, responsible for 90% of excessive weight problems, is consumption of synthetic products!

Most regular food and food supplement products on the market, which you can find in stores or on supermarket shelves, contain chemicals, preservatives, color and flavor enhancers. These chemical additives slow down our digestive system and transform the accumulated fat into waste products, remaining in our body.

Your body needs help!

Nutritionists' opinion:

"To detoxify your body use just 1 sachet of Profive before breakfast, and after 10 days your weight will start to reduce, digestive system processes and methabolism will improve due to high quality ingredients, researched and combined in cooperation with Nutrition Research Institute. Special attention was given to natural vitamins' complex, which make the product more efficient and safe, compared to other products, which have complex chemical ingredients. Flaxseed meal, Psyllium husk and other ingredients are a gift from Nature, due to synergetic action of all-natural ingredients, which will dissolve accumulated fat in problematic areas in a matter of just a few days."

Kler Chen


100% natural extracts
Safe, certified by FDA, verifiable.

No chemicals and synthetic substances!

Carefully selected unique ingredients for best results

  • Psyllium husk
  • Konjac powder
  • Flaxseed powder
  • Kelp extract
  • Fructooligosaccharides


Result - permanent weight loss

Just a few sachets of Profive will transform your body daily!

  • Up to 0,5 kg. per day
  • Up to 3,5 kg. per week
  • Up to 10-12 kg. per month
Safe! Does not effect nervous system and heart!

Customers' feedback:

  • Kim, used Profive for 2 months 24 y.o I've been chubby all my life, but managed to become slim in just one month. It's incredible! Profive made me less hungry, as well as sorted out my stomach cramps. This is the first product that made me really slim. I lost 13 kg. At first it just started to reduce little by little, now I've stopped taking the product, but the weight never came back.
  • Jesse, 32 y.o., used Profive for 4 months To tell you the truth, I wanted to lose weight for my daughter, because I was too fat to play and run around with her. Every time I tried to bend down or even look down it was really hard. I lost 10 kg. without any trouble, and after that just went to the gym. Profive is a truly great product, I'm still taking it when I can't go to the gym, or during long holidays, when I can't help but treat myself a bit too much.

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